Frequently Asked Questions?


What is the length of the program? 


At WSA we follow a traditional model that aligns with all local school districts. Program begins with a fall season (Mid August-End of October), followed by a winter season (Early November- End of March), and ending with a spring season (Early April - Early June). We also offer a 6 week summer program that runs Mid June- Early August. For a sample calendar please reach out to us.

How many days a week do you train? 


Typically, every team trains twice a week both spring and fall, and once a week in the winter. Additional training opportunities usually become available depending on field availability. 


When are games? 


Games are divided into three seasons. Fall, winter, spring. Each season you are guaranteed 8 regular season games. Every October, we will also compete in our annual fall tournament hosted here in Wheeling. Games can be played either Saturday or Sundays. 


What if I want to play more?


Being a member of Illinois Premier, and affiliated to Wheeling Park District, more often than not, on a team to team basis, we enter more leagues, tournaments, etc. This may have an additional cost to cover tournament/league fee’s. 

How far are games?


All home games are played in town in Wheeling. Away games are typically no more than 45 mins away. The younger the age group the closer the games tend to be. As teams develop and get older, you may on occasion have to travel a bit farther to find proper competition to continue player development.


Whats the cost of the uniform?


We have a mandatory uniform package that you can order from our friends at European Sports in Schaumburg. 

What is the cost of the program?


Depending on the age group, we have fee’s that are designed to make sure a memorable experience is provided. Our club fee’s are the lowest fees in the northwest suburbs. Please fill out the contact us form so that we can provide a better answer.